[JAVA] uQuran Pro V 0.12 + Full Audio

 Quran Application For Mobile Phone
uQuran Pro v 0:12, applications for Muslims to always get closer to the Kholiq. On equipped with 30 and 114 letters juzz complete with audio (AMR) and commentary.

Features uQuran Pro v 00:12:

     * Full 30 juzz and 114 chapters.
     * Tafsir.
     * Play recitation, play the audio for all the chapters and verses ..

play audio

     * Scrooling and touch support (s60v5).
     * multiscreen resolution.
     * Adding bookmarks, bookmark the last reading.


     * Show bookmarks, displays the bookmarks that are stored.
     * Go to the suras, a shortcut to the letter of the Quran in a letter to go with the filling numbers.
     * Go to juzz, a shortcut to that on the part juzz go by filling juzz numbers.

uQuran option

     * Go to verse, a shortcut to a paragraph that headed in the sura.

go to verse

     * Portrait and landscape support.

landscape support

     * Letter hijaiyah and punctuation more clearly and easily read.

The assembly uQuran Pro:

     * Copy the folder to install and uQuranData on E: (MMC)
     * Install uQuran.jad uQuran by opening the file, do not open it uQuran.jar.
     * If uQuran been successfully installed, open the menu - option - Sett audio formats to AMR.
     * uQuran ready for use.

There is one weakness in this mobile Quran, tafsir only support for language Bahasa, French, Spanish, Germany and Dutch. For us Muslims of Indonesia, may be somewhat difficult to use the features of his commentary. But at least the audio feature to help us understand the horse's bit Quran.

Hopefully this application can be very useful for all of us Muslims. Syukron.

Tested on: Nokia 5800XM and E63.

I think this java application support for all phones. Very expect feedback from you who are already using this Pro uQuran.

Uqur'an Audio

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Sudarmono Husky Farabi Khawarizmi mengatakan...

saya download untuk HP SE K510i,,,ternyata gak bisa,,,setelah sy install di hp,di layar muncul keterangan " HP dengan resolusi layar 120x160px belum mendukung"
sayang sekali,,,padahal saya sangat mengharapkan applikasinya lho,,,
btw,,,,its good app and any moeslem must be have it!!!

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